Ergonomics – The Low-Down

Driving a truck is hard on the body.  Lack of attention to proper ergonomics causes many preventable injuries and accidents.  What exactly are ergonomics?  Ergonomics are the study of a persons efficiency in their working environment.  How does that apply to the trucking industry?  Truck driving is strenuous work, and something as simple as sitting too close to the steering wheel for long periods of time can have physical repercussions.

Many studies are being conducted with the goal of designing more accommodating, safer truck cabs to improve the overall comfort and safety for truck drivers and reduce accidents and injuries.  While adjustments are being made to the design of these trucks, Fleet owners can take measures to ensure the comfort of their drivers.  One way of doing this is by selecting a vehicle that matches the requirements for a drivers size and any physical limitations they may have.  Proper training is also important when it comes to matters such as safely entering and exiting the vehicle, as well as bending and lifting.  It is the responsibility and should be the priority of all employers to provide a hazard free workplace for their employees.


Source: Fleet Owner Magazine, Sept. 2019.  Truck Ergonomics, Awareness and Solutions by Carol Birkland