Setting Them Up for Success

As Fleet Owners, you know that your success largely depends upon your team of hardworking employees.  When it comes to new hires of both entry level applicants and experienced drivers, how is your company setting them up for success?

Regarding entry level new hires, many companies do an excellent job of initiating extensive training programs to help inexperienced drivers to adapt to the lifestyle and strenuous demands of the job.  How would you rate your company in this area?  Are you giving the inexperienced drivers in your company the tools they need to succeed?

When it comes to more experienced drivers, we often celebrate those who have been with the company for 10 years or more.  But beyond that first year of training, what kind of resources or additional training are these drivers receiving?  Are you helping them to improve their skills and providing opportunities for growth within your company?

Evaluating these aspects of your training procedures and checking for any gaps in these procedures can help you to ensure that your employees are well equipped with the knowledge and skills to contribute to the overall success of your company.  They will also feel appreciated and motivated to stay with your company for extended periods of time.