Safety Culture – It Starts with You

On the minds of all Fleet Owners is the need to keep their drivers and other employees safe.  Creating a Safety Culture within the company can be the key to success in this area.  What is Safety Culture?  It is an atmosphere of conscientiousness in regards to safety practices and values.  How can Fleet Owners create that kind of culture within their companies?  Here are three practical steps to help you do just that:

1.) It starts with you.

Creating a Safety Culture starts with company leadership.  Depending on the size of your company, you as the Owner may need to fully take the lead in promoting best practices.  Or perhaps you can entrust that responsibility to a Safety Manager or someone who can give consistent and personalized attention to this area.  Regardless of whomever is taking the lead in this area, creating a Safety Culture within your company depends upon the consistency of the message and values, starting from the top.

2.) Maintain Consistency.

Investigating citations, roadside inspection issues or crashes, identifying any discrepancies or compliance issues and then determining the appropriate action are all important steps in ensuring a safety conscience environment.  The key lies in consistently addressing issues as they arise and taking the necessary action, including discipline and termination if the need arose.

3.) Celebrate success.

Employees who feel like their good conduct is recognized and rewarded will naturally perform better.  So let them know you’re proud!


Jan. 2019 Edition of Fleet Owners mag.  Your Company and Safety by Steve Vaughn


Time is Money – Internet Training Changing the Game

Trucking companies know that one key to success when it comes to safe, reliable service is sufficient and consistent training for their drivers.  But for many, providing that training means pulling drivers off the road and putting them into a classroom.  But taking drivers off the road means that owners aren’t making money when they could be.  Orientation classes, Post-Incident Remedial work and other safety courses take priority, but does it have to stop there?  The January 2019 edition of Fleet Owner magazine featured an article written by Mark Murrell.  In his article, he recommends as a starting point asking the following questions:

-If there were no impediments, how much training would you like your fleet to have, and what would you like covered?

– If you delivered the training, how much safer, more compliant, effective and cohesive would your team be?

He goes on to explain how internet training is opening up a whole new world of options that expand far beyond the classroom setting.  “If training can be delivered without disrupting the business or infringing on the driver’s home time, why not do it more often?”, writes Murrell. “With the impediments removed, you can do more training than ever before, without having to limit yourself to just the highest priority items.”

Fleet Owner magazine, Jan. 2019.  Internet gains behind the wheel, by Mark Murrell


Drive Green: Fuel Efficiency

As all fleet owners know, one of your greatest variable costs is fuel.  Increasing fuel efficiency is and should be at the top of the list for all fleet owners when it comes to managing costs.  And if we can take a little better care of our planet in the meantime, all the better.  One Canadian company may have found a way to do just that.  The January 2019 edition of Fleet Owner magazine highlighted the Canadian startup energy firm Enezol.  The company has developed an alternative diesel fuel and claims that it is over 20% more efficient than traditional diesel fuel.  This higher efficiency is due to a unique refining process called Energizing Particle Stack.  Fleet Owner magazine highlights the case studies of two long-haul trucking companies who tested out this new fuel.  Over the course of the studies, both companies reported an increase in fuel efficiency between 20-30% after switching to Enezol Diesel.  “The case studies suggest Enezol Energy Diesel could help trucking companies reduce fuel consumption while lowering their carbon foot print – and potentially save fuel costs across the fleet.”

Fleet Owner magazine, Jan. 2019.  Running Green – A 20% more efficient diesel fuel?

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