National Truck Driver Appreciation Week – September 8th-14th 2019

Many consider the trucking industry to be the most important in the country.  Truck drivers keep America in motion; they deserve to be recognized for their hard work!  Every year the American Trucking Association designates an entire week to do just that.  This year, National Truck Driver Appreciation week will be observed during the week of September 8th-14th.  It will be a great opportunity for Fleet Owners to show personalized appreciation for their drivers and other hard-working employees, but there are also big things happening around the country.

The ATA has decided to honor truck drivers at Nationals Park in Washington DC on September 13th during the game between the Washington Nationals and the Atlanta Braves.  Professional truck drivers will sing the National Anthem, receive mid-game recognition from the fans and participate in on-field activities.

Don’t let the week pass by without saying ‘thank you’ to the truck drivers you know!


August Edition of Fleet Owner MagazineATA sets driver appreciation week