Girl Power – Changing the Face of the Trucking Industry

For decades, the trucking industry has been a man’s world.  That is starting to change thanks to some inspiring women who are making a difference.  The July 2019 edition of Fleet Owner magazine featured the article ‘Women in Trucking’.  In the article it mentions that while women make up 50% of the working population, the transportation industry attracts less than 15% of the female workforce.  So, what are they doing to bring more female force onto their fleets?

Social media is one way to help women who are interested in joining the ranks to connect with other women drivers and see that the industry is an exciting and challenging field to be in.  Another way to attract female employees is to help them be aware of the wide array of options available to them within the industry, whether it be driving, mechanics, safety positions or office work.  Better training programs and upgrades to equipment are other areas where Fleet Owners are making changes to attract female workers.

Why should fleet owners be interested in hiring more women within their businesses?  Statistics show that women drivers are safer drivers; they log more miles, stay with their carriers longer, are better at paperwork and build stronger relationships.  It is true that women form a powerful, inspiring community within any field.  They unite team members, create rapport with customers and are truly the heart of anything they set their minds to.

July 2019 edition, Fleet Owner Magazine – Women in Trucking