Driving Force: Customers

Your customers are what keep your business in motion.  What does it mean to take a customer centric approach to your business and how can you do so?

The term ‘customer centric’ refers to an approach of doing business that focuses on creating a positive experience for your customers from beginning to end.  This results in repeat business, customer loyalty, and the growth of your business.  Being customer centric means the customer is in the driver seat when it comes to the goals you set for your company.

Steven MacDonald shared a post on SuperOffice about Customer Centricity and in it he provides four practical steps you can take to improve in this area.

Be passionate.  Your customers come first and if you’re passionate about this truth, it will shine through in your customer relationships.

Focus on what your customers really want.  This is where your customers need to be in the driver’s seat.  Their wants and needs need to be the driving force behind the goals you set for your company.

Focus on building relationships.  Do you know how most small towns have that one coffee shop or diner where all the patrons are a “Regular with a Usual”?  These places are the epitome of customer centricity when it comes to building relationships with their customers.  This should be your goal.

Carefully formulated marketing strategies.  Of course there is a science to everything, so analyze the data and come up with a detailed and structured plan to reach your target customer group.


Taking these steps to build a customer centric culture within your company will drive your business forward in all sorts of wonderful ways!