Drive Green: Fuel Efficiency

As all fleet owners know, one of your greatest variable costs is fuel.  Increasing fuel efficiency is and should be at the top of the list for all fleet owners when it comes to managing costs.  And if we can take a little better care of our planet in the meantime, all the better.  One Canadian company may have found a way to do just that.  The January 2019 edition of Fleet Owner magazine highlighted the Canadian startup energy firm Enezol.  The company has developed an alternative diesel fuel and claims that it is over 20% more efficient than traditional diesel fuel.  This higher efficiency is due to a unique refining process called Energizing Particle Stack.  Fleet Owner magazine highlights the case studies of two long-haul trucking companies who tested out this new fuel.  Over the course of the studies, both companies reported an increase in fuel efficiency between 20-30% after switching to Enezol Diesel.  “The case studies suggest Enezol Energy Diesel could help trucking companies reduce fuel consumption while lowering their carbon foot print – and potentially save fuel costs across the fleet.”

Fleet Owner magazine, Jan. 2019.  Running Green – A 20% more efficient diesel fuel?