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Disaster Preparedness – COVID-19 and Beyond

2020 took us all by surprise.  Our world was flipped upside down before we even knew what was happening.  In many ways there was no way for us to prepare for the pandemic, but for those companies that had a Disaster Plan in place, coping with the challenges of the pandemic has been a little […]

Coping With Stress – Six Strategies

Stress is a part of every person’s job.  For truck drivers, there are unique circumstances that contribute to their stress, such as traffic and long hours on the road away from their home and family.  What can drivers do to cope with and reduce the stress they experience?  AnnaBeth Rouse from American Trucker highlighted six […]

Driving Force: Customers

Your customers are what keep your business in motion.  What does it mean to take a customer centric approach to your business and how can you do so? The term ‘customer centric’ refers to an approach of doing business that focuses on creating a positive experience for your customers from beginning to end.  This results […]

Setting Them Up for Success

As Fleet Owners, you know that your success largely depends upon your team of hardworking employees.  When it comes to new hires of both entry level applicants and experienced drivers, how is your company setting them up for success? Regarding entry level new hires, many companies do an excellent job of initiating extensive training programs […]