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Ergonomics – The Low-Down

Driving a truck is hard on the body.  Lack of attention to proper ergonomics causes many preventable injuries and accidents.  What exactly are ergonomics?  Ergonomics are the study of a persons efficiency in their working environment.  How does that apply to the trucking industry?  Truck driving is strenuous work, and something as simple as sitting […]

STOP! – Brake Safety Week, September 15-21

Brake check!  We are right in the middle of Brake Safety week, this week of September 15th through the 21st.  Brake Safety week is part of the Operation Air-brake Program, which is sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA).  The August edition of Fleet Owner Magazine highlighted that the goal of Brake Safety week […]

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week – September 8th-14th 2019

Many consider the trucking industry to be the most important in the country.  Truck drivers keep America in motion; they deserve to be recognized for their hard work!  Every year the American Trucking Association designates an entire week to do just that.  This year, National Truck Driver Appreciation week will be observed during the week […]

Girl Power – Changing the Face of the Trucking Industry

For decades, the trucking industry has been a man’s world.  That is starting to change thanks to some inspiring women who are making a difference.  The July 2019 edition of Fleet Owner magazine featured the article ‘Women in Trucking’.  In the article it mentions that while women make up 50% of the working population, the […]

Safety First: Eyes Open and On the Road

Being a truck driver is a difficult and grueling job, there is no doubt about it.  Two of the biggest challenges truck drivers are facing these days are lack of quality sleep and distracted driving.  What can drivers do to minimize these challenges, stay safe and keep their eyes open and on the road? Sleep […]

Trending – Spring 2019

What’s Trending in the Trucking Industry? Walmart is implementing new recruiting and hiring strategies, increasing it’s number of new hires to 1,400 which is up from 922 the previous year. One of it’s strategies is to utilize social media to widen its demographic of applicants. In the April 2019 edition of Fleet Owner Magazine, Neil […]

Safety Culture – It Starts with You

On the minds of all Fleet Owners is the need to keep their drivers and other employees safe.  Creating a Safety Culture within the company can be the key to success in this area.  What is Safety Culture?  It is an atmosphere of conscientiousness in regards to safety practices and values.  How can Fleet Owners […]

Time is Money – Internet Training Changing the Game

Trucking companies know that one key to success when it comes to safe, reliable service is sufficient and consistent training for their drivers.  But for many, providing that training means pulling drivers off the road and putting them into a classroom.  But taking drivers off the road means that owners aren’t making money when they […]

Drive Green: Fuel Efficiency

As all fleet owners know, one of your greatest variable costs is fuel.  Increasing fuel efficiency is and should be at the top of the list for all fleet owners when it comes to managing costs.  And if we can take a little better care of our planet in the meantime, all the better.  One […]

Welcome to Budde Trucking!

Welcome to Budde Trucking!  Since 1948 you’ve been counting on us to provide you with fast and reliable service while maintaining excellent safety standards and exemplary customer service.  Our team of dedicated and experienced personnel are committed to keeping up with industry standards.  This blog is your head quarters for trending news and articles that […]